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Welcome, here there are pages to descover Llrunaix, people who live on this planet and places! Warning, my history (a world called llrunaix) is the suite of LoliRock a cartoons created by the creators of Totally Spies, my story is just like a "fanfiction" but not really, so the characters and places who appears on my wiki than i will quote don't belong to me: Iris,Talia,Auriana,Mephisto;Praxina,Zaente(just the name)Mezor(just the name), Ephedia, Volta,Xeris,Boréalys,Calix,Carissa,Lyna,Amaru,Izira, Jupiter don't belong to me.

For started, read the rules and if you have any questions ask me, NarniaTheCat
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Check out the wiki of the main antagonist in the story:

King °h°°s
[1] King °h°°s is the main antagonist of the story, he abandoned his "old" kingdom, which was resumed by Lyna, one of his daughters.


My Tumblr with videos of the transformation of Iris,Auriana,Talia but very different ;)(if you don't know it's for the story):



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Dans lesquelles de ses royaumes irais-tu ?: https://www.quizz.biz/quizz_k87kBBq7PM.html LoliRock Saison 3 A quelle antagoniste ressemble tu le plus ?: https://www.quizz.biz/quizz_5f73byB8SW.html LoliRock Saison 3 A qui ressemble tu le plus ?: https://www.quizz.biz/quizz_vK27h7TTCE.html

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